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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


The staff at Trident engineering has provided designs on a number of single family and multi family structures.  Our multi-family experience includes typical wood-frames structures supported by concrete wall and footing foundations. 

Single family residential engineering provides its own challenges in navigating the vision of the architect and what is possible to maintain the structural integrity of the project.  Our engineers at Trident have spent time in the field as contractors themselves, and take pride in the ability to communicate with your contractors at ground level.


Commercial engineering requires the ability to furnish a project that meets industry standards as well as the vision provided by the client.  Our engineers have experience in coordinating those demands to provide the storefront that you envision.


As the design engineer, we serve as the engineer of record to in preparing design and structural drawings that meet the project requirements. We work in the initial planning stages of the project to ensure the appropriate structural systems are in place, and continue to provide assistance through the construction administration phase of the project.

Awning on Commercial Building
Construction Engineer

Structural Inspections

Unfortunately things aren't always what they seem beneath the finish of an existing structure.  Whether you are doing a remodel or simply evaluating the structural integrity an existing project, our engineers can assist you.  Our licensed engineers at Trident engineering can provide structural site inspections that include a report of our findings.  We can also provide insight to a project that is under construction and requires outside structural assistance on a constructability setback.  

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